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  Gronwen Wharf- is the current head of allowed navigation from the main waterway network.






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Montgomery Canal  Information

Frankton Locks :-

To book a passage down through the locks onto the MontgomeryCanal.

 Tel. 0303 040 4040 during normal office hours from Monday to Friday.

Click Here to go to the CRT site for further information.  

ANGLING  on the Montgomery Canal.   Click for Information.

CANOEING & BOATING . New canoe launch pads are being

installed by locks and road crossings. Small craft can also

be launched from the ramp at Welshpool Wharf.

Membership of Canoe England and Canoe Wales

gives you the right to paddle canoes on the Canal & River Trust's waterways.

Alternatively you can buy short term visitor licences from local waterway offices

or :- online from their boat licencing pages.

CYCLING . No permit is required for tow-path cycling.

Just remember to consider other users.

“Share the Space, Drop your Pace”.

WALKING . A wonderfull way to relax and enjoy the canal.

Click to check the Canal and Rivers Trust Web-site.


Have two boats based on the canal at Welshpool.

The Trust offer free trips for groups of disabled and elderly people.

The boats can be booked for periods of 2-6 hours.

Contact for booking is Jenny Maddox Tel  01938 554810.

Donations would be appreciated.   Website.


“SUCS”   Shropshire Union Canal Society. Work Parties.

Restoration Project Manager David Carter Tel. 01244 661440

I.W.A.       Shrewsbury and North Wales Branch.

President:- Michael Limbrey. Tel:-01691654081.

Chairman:- Michael Haig. Tel:- 07801 415573.

Secretary:-  Dawn Aylwin.   Tel:- 01691 830403.

“Wyndcliff” Pen-Y-Gareg Lane, Pant, Oswestry, SY10 8JS.

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