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Buttington to Welshpool p2(Section 12)

This section is navigable but not yet connected to the national network.

Note:- The towpath between Buttigton and Welshpool is being resurfaced. Winter 2010.


Arriving at Buttington Wharf,

You are welcomed by the :-

Buttington Old Man and his dog.

(A sculpture in wood).


A detailed sign shows you where you are on the canal.


The entrance to the lime kilns is by the visitors car park.


A view inside the entrance to one of the Lime Kilns.


 Buttington Bridge  No. 115.

A picnic area and notice boards are situated on the Northern side.


 A closer look at Buttington Bridge.


 Looking in the direction of Welshpool from the top of Buttington Bridge.



A culvert passes under the canal.

Seen here to the left of the tow-path

where it enters a collecting trough.



On the off-side by Gungrog Bridge is the base for the Heulwen Trust boats for the disabled.

The Trust offers free trips for groups of disabled and elderly people.

The boats can be booked for periods of 2-6 hours.

Contact for booking is Jenny Maddox.

Tel. 01938 554810.


 A closer look at Gungrog Bridge No. 116.


 View from the top of Gungrog Bridge looking north along the Wharf area.


 Looking back towards Gungrog Bridge (Bridge No.116).

Seen from the Welshpool direction.

The Wharf is just visible through the bridge.

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