Built between 1790 and 1840

The Belan Lime Kilns (8 in number) were built by the canal company and Powis Estates.

They are located below the picnic area at Belan Locks.


As you approach the picnic area at Belan Locks you will find these attractive historic buildings.   


This is the entrance to one of the larger kilns.

A notice board is seen to the right.


This is a closer view of the above kiln.


To the left of the above photo you will find the entrances to more kilns.


You can view them closer but mind the nettles.


The entrance to this one is blocked by trees.


Moving to your left, you will find this one.


If you have time to contemplate .

A picnic bench overlooks them.


You can venture into this one to see its construction.


This is what you see.


And this if  your nerve holds and you get closer.


The tunnel inside goes either way from this entrance.

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Your ancestors had to work in conditions like this.

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